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The Bakery Mantras

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Update: This post was published earlier this year pre-COVID. While we certainly couldn’t have anticipated such a difficult turn of events, the message of these mantras still ring true. It is challenging for large corporations to navigate the complex ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs. And arguably, in a COVID/post-COVID world, working with startups and scaling partnerships with startups you actually want to work with has become more challenging than ever. This is where The Bakery steps in. We help corporates and startups work together in a more efficient and seamless way.

The Bakery Mantras are the set of beliefs that drives our company and our approach to innovative business ideas, new opportunities, and achieving real change in large organisations.

Our many years of experience and our dedication to corporate innovation, have inspired these 10 mantras which serves to remind us of the lessons we have learned. We want to share these lessons with you and help you get started on your innovation journey!

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