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Sustainable Startups to Look Out for in 2022

Andrew Humphries

While many of us are not entirely sure what the coming year has in store, we can all agree that climate change and the health of our planet will depend heavily on not only our lifestyle choices but also which business we choose to support and how we conduct our own businesses. Here at The Bakery, we believe that sustainability should be at the forefront of your organisation’s innovation agenda. Over the years, The Bakery has worked on a number of sustainability challenges ranging from increasing recycling rates, reducing water usage in the home, supply-chain management, sustainable material alternatives and nudge tactics in order to change consumer behaviour. Across each of these challenges, we’ve had the opportunity to engage and collaborate with a number of trailblazing startups that we are proud to have in our network. Here are a few startups to look out for that can help your organisation and your consumers become more sustainable! 


Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Mimbly aims to change unsustainable behaviours through product innovation. Through their flagship product, the ‘Mimbox,’ they hope to disrupt the often wasteful domestic laundry process. The Mimbox is an add-on system for washing machines that enables the recycling of water, in addition to lowering energy consumption in the washing process and preventing the spread of synthetic micro fibres. Their subsidiary product, the ‘Mimbag’ is a laundry bag that prevents micro-plastics from entering the water during the wash cycle. The ‘Mimbox’ and ‘Mimbag’ revolutionises the way consumers wash their clothes, making the process more sustainable with minimal friction. 


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Hubbub is an innovation hub and social enterprise, focussing on delivering tangible and positive impact. As specialists in understanding consumer behaviour, they create social and environmental campaigns to engage and prompt consumer behaviour change. They follow a  “learn fast, fail cheap” motto, running small tests, measuring their impact, and taking successful solutions to scale. To help others amplify their impact, Hubbub also shares their results and approaches, providing others with the tools to drive change and amplify impact. Check out Hubbub’s campaigns here


Plugsurfing aims to support electric vehicle (EV) adoption and ownership by enabling drivers to find and pay for charging, across a large number of charge point networks throughout Europe, more easily. Their user-facing app provides a charge-map which shows the location of charging stations, operating status, charger-type and opening hours. Users pay a single upfront fee for their payment key and are then billed monthly for their charging transactions that are dependent on each charging station. By providing smooth access across multiple charge point networks, Plugsurfing supports and fosters growing EV ownership. 


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Eugene is an exciting recycling app solution and barcode scanner developed by Uzer, a Paris based sustainable innovation company. Their goal is to help consumers not only recycle better but to also educate them to consume more responsibly. They achieve this through their app and barcode scanners that provide information on which products are recyclable and how best to recycle them. Furthermore, they provide user incentives by collaborating with brands to offer points and rewards that users can claim based on their recycling habits. Eugene is a great tool to help increase responsible consumption by promoting waste sorting, correct recycling practices and consumer education! 


Provenance helps businesses build trust in their goods and supply chain through product storytelling. They help brands best communicate the impact and journey of their products across their entire value chain, from sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution to the shelf. For shoppers, this means they are able to engage with brands that share their values and have a positive impact on people and the planet. Provenance helps to empower consumers to confidently make better purchases.

We owe it to future generations to create a greener future. Sustainability is the single most important issue in our lifetime and we are all capable of making change. These startups are driving impactful change across a various areas and we hope they can inspire your sustainability goals too. 

In the same vein, we want to help you tackle your sustainability challenges with our recently launched our Sustainability Lab. If you want to be a part of a cohort of like-minded corporates driving sustainable change then look no further, you can find more information here

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