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Start-ups & entrepreneurs

Are you an individual entrepreneur, a start-up, a scale-up, early or late-stage, pre- or post-funding, looking to engage with corporates on live opportunities and challenges, either for revenue or investment? Then you should be talking to our team!


Check out the different programmes we run below or get in touch for more info on how our process works

Looking for corporate partners, revenue or investment?

  • We’ve found real corporate pain points that businesses are ready to commit money to solve, right now
  • Our programmes give entrepreneurs and start-ups of all stages a shortcut to revenue, investment and product market fit
  • The Bakery has global connections across all sectors – providing you with access to an unrivalled network of corporate opportunities to work with throughout every stage of the journey
  • Within our corporate partners we’ve unlocked assets that will accelerate your product development. From expert knowledge, datasets, distribution networks, customers, to the corporate backend systems – we have it covered
  • Our processes have prepared the corporates to work with you. Removing barriers from procurement and legal, and with funding already secured
  • We’re looking for the best technologies and innovations at every stage from all around the world. The Bakery team will prepare you for success

Frequently asked questions

Every entrepreneur and start-up is at a different stage of their journey, but as a general guide:

  • If you’re wanting to start a business but haven’t yet, our Start Programme is for you.
  • If you have a start-up but are early-stage, looking for investment, and wanting mentorship and support to accelerate your business’ growth, the Accelerate Programme can help.
  • For start-ups and scale-ups with a product-ready, or nearly product-ready, proposition looking to partner with and sell to large corporates, the Partner Programme is ideal.

We have new programmes going live all the time. You can keep up-to-date with what’s new by signing up to our newsletter. If you’re interested in a programme that you see, follow the instructions given to get involved.

Please check out our visa information page for details on our involvement with the UK Tier 1 visa schemes.

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