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Spotlight on some of our Favourite Startups this Year

Andrew Humphries

Finding and continuously adding to our network of exciting and game-changing startups and entrepreneurs is an important part of what we do here at The Bakery. No one can deny the power of startups. Startups are typically able to build, test and launch products faster than  incumbents. Leveraging this agility and expertise is a great way to help you innovate at speed. 

We work on client challenges across all industries, so we are always engaging with exciting tech companies that can help solve a huge array of key business challenges. Here are just a few of our favourite startups/tech companies that we’ve worked with recently!


Gut-health has become a major trend in wellness. It’s no surprise that as consumers become more health-conscious and health-aware, a balanced, thriving microbiome is at the forefront of their minds. Enter Troo Foods – a prebiotic gut-health company. They offer a range of products including granola, cereals, and inulin syrup that are packed with prebiotic fibre, vegan, and made up of all-natural ingredients. With the aim of helping consumers better manage their lower GI health conditions and alleviate discomfort, The Bakery came across Troo as a solution that can enable consumers to support their gut-health via their diet. 


There are a wide array of tech solutions out there that try to help businesses better understand their customers. Affectiva, an exciting company The Bakery have worked with on a recent project, is at the forefront of innovation in this field Affectiva aims to add an emotional layer to technology, helping businesses understand how their customers feel, by leveraging deep learning video analytics to detect facial emotion and behaviour. Their Emotion AI can be used across industries from gaming to automotive, to enable brands to optimise their content and deliver better digital experiences.  


Brands have become more competitive than ever. But how do you gain that competitive edge that makes you stand out and reach potential consumers in an effective way? Adgreetz offers a fully-automated and integrated marketing platform that enables brands to create and deploy hyper-personalised ads. Through AI and machine learning they are able to optimise the deployment of these ads to the right target audience, at the right time and through the most appropriate channel be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. 


A number of our clients want to make shopping a more seamless experience for their consumers. As more and more people are doing things on the go, it is imperative for brands to adapt and create ways for consumers to buy in a simple and frictionless way. Blueprint is a conversational commerce solution that empowers brands to provide a seamless purchasing experience through 1:1 conversations with their consumers. Without having to leave their SMS or Whatsapp chat, consumers are able to purchase products directly via Blueprint’s chatbot – removing any checkout friction and streamlining the overall purchasing experience.


At the end of 2019, Forbes reported that Femtech was on a trajectory to “becoming a consolidated $50 billion dollar industry.” From fertility and reproductive health to skincare, as this category of tech grows, we’ll continue to see more and more exciting technologies that aim to address the health and wellness of women. Bridging the link between alternative medicine, tech, and women’s health, Clementine is a mobile app that aims to reduce stress and build confidence in women through their range of bite-size audio sessions. But do not confuse them for a meditation app. Using hypnotherapy techniques, Clementine helps users tap into their ‘unconscious minds,’ interrupting their negative thought patterns and helping users take back control of their behaviour. 

Over the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with these five companies, among so many others, in delivering disruptive and transformational solutions for our corporate clients. As these companies illustrate, the startup ecosystem is as exciting as ever – and it is crucial for innovation to thrive. Rather than seeing startups as challengers to incumbents, The Bakery sees them as partners that can help large organisations tackle their problems and solve their consumers’ needs in a different way. 

Are you struggling to find the right solution to a current challenge? Get in touch and we’ll tap into our network to help you find the right partner.

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