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Maintaining Business as Usual

Andrew Humphries

We live in a very interesting time indeed. With novel coronavirus pandemic, businesses all around the world rendered at somewhat of a standstill it is more important than ever to pivot and adapt to the times in whatever way we can. Never before, has technology been so crucial to the way we work and the way we live our lives. With the potential of lockdowns looming over, and the increased practice of social distancing (which is important by the way!), companies need to react or respond accordingly. A growing number of the workforce have already begun to work remotely, begging the question: how can we maintain productivity and adapt to risk in a time of such uncertainty?

Despite office closures and the increased number of people working from home, there is still an appetite amongst people to keep working and to ensure productivity is maintained. So look no further, we’ve rounded up a few solutions we believe can help your organisation push through the pandemic and carry out business as usual!

Remote Working

Maintaining and fostering office interaction is incredibly difficult when you’re stuck at home. Turning to ask your desk-mate a question, or bouncing ideas off coworkers in person is not really plausible when social distancing. So how can you re-create an environment that not only seems organic but takes away the complications of taking office interactions online (i.e. having to schedule in calls when all you want is to simply have a quick conversation)?

Enter Discord. The application’s ability to bring together voice and text chat (you can just speak – no need to dial in or schedule a call!) in one simple to use platform is a great tool for those working from home and can help fulfil your team’s communication needs. Users are also able to break away into side rooms to hold private conversations and share materials in personal chats without clogging up the main group chat.

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Remote Events

While you may be at home – meetings, conferences and calls do not need to stop! Hopin is an online events platform that can help your team successfully manage events, meet-ups, conferences and more, remotely. Specifically designed to combat inaccessibility, Hopin attempts to foster and mimic the same kind of interactions you would at an in-person event or conference. Users are able to create break-out rooms, private chats, expos, stages, and showcase sponsors just as they would in a physical event as opposed to a typical webinar. 

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News Monitoring

With all the new developments in the media it is sometimes hard to filter out what is relevant to you and your business. It is crucial to be aware of current developments and if there are any impacts of your industry/sector. This could range from anything such as government policy to any coverage on your competitors.

This is where Signal AI comes in. Signal AI is an intelligent listening tool that aggregates and monitors real-time information and insights from media. Signal AI enables users to leverage the knowledge economy to manage and mitigate risk, keep up-to-date, develop new strategies, and ensure regulatory compliance. In fact, they’re recently launched a coronavirus news tracker, specifically so businesses can manage the overwhelming influx of news, stay on top of what is relevant (and trustworthy!), and gain valuable insight in regards to how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Mental Health in the ‘Workplace’

While many of us won’t be in the office, mental health support should remain at the forefront of any organisation’s social distancing policies. Working from home for the foreseeable future breeds a sense of uncertainty. Not only that but the lack of social interaction can leave employees vulnerable to loneliness. These are but a few examples in which working from home can impact your employee’s mental wellbeing.

Mental Snapp is a journaling tool – but with a twist. Users are encouraged to record short videos of themselves detailing how they are feeling and to tag a mood to said video – creating a video diary of sorts that they can look back to and review how their mood has transitioned or altered over time. Creating a routine and being able to see mood patterns can arguably help your employees manage their mental health better.

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Insight Timer is another interesting tool that can improve mental health. Teams can take advantage of Insight Timer’s guided meditations and courses all from the comfort of their own homes – making Insight Timer an incredibly accessible and great way to refocus or take a mental break.

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While it may seem abrupt and unexpected – we can’t deny that the global pandemic is impacting the way we work and our ability to carry out day-to-day operations. We can expect the coronavirus to have a huge impact on businesses throughout the year – especially with more and more people working from home and with the rise of social distancing. However, the key to hedge risks is to adapt and innovate our way of working to ensure that businesses can still operate and that our workforce can still be productive.  If you have any questions around innovating, especially in difficult times like these, we are here to help. So please get in touch.

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