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Launch of The Bakery Sustainability Lab

Andrew Humphries

London, UK:  The effects of the pandemic has given corporations a unique opportunity to transform their impact on the planet and create new, sustainable opportunities for growth. The 2020 Resilience Report by HSBC found that “86% of companies expect their revenue to grow over the next year from a greater focus on sustainability”.

The Bakery and Earthwatch Europe are proud to announce the launch of our new initiative that will help corporations to drive forward their journey towards sustainable growth. The Bakery Sustainability Lab will enable like-minded organisations to join forces and innovate together towards the common goal of improving our sustainability, now.

“The Bakery are pioneers in innovation and Earthwatch are pioneers in sustainability science. Our combined capabilities create a unique service in the Sustainability Lab, the first initiative of its kind in Europe, that will enable pioneering corporates to accelerate their sustainability innovation journey.” – Chris Ballard, Head of Innovation, Earthwatch.

“The combination of Earthwatch’s unrivalled experience of engaging citizens and corporations in science-led environmental projects, together with our proven model of corporate-startup collaboration, will together enable us to deliver truly meaningful  innovation.” – Andrew Humphries, The Bakery Co-Founder.

The Bakery Sustainability Lab helps organisations become more sustainable by:

  • Identifying their most important sustainability challenges
  • Finding, testing and implementing innovative solutions from the startup ecosystem
  • Drive real, sustainable outcomes to reduce our impact on the planet

Organisations who have sustainability high on their 2021 agenda can get in touch here to join our first cohort.

About The Bakery: The Bakery helps large corporations around the world solve their biggest business challenges. From partnering with startups and entrepreneurs, to building new ventures at speed, The Bakery are able to help large organisations unlock new opportunities and drive actionable change at all stages of their innovation journey.

About Earthwatch Europe: Earthwatch is an Independent Research Organisation (IRO) and environmental charity with science at its heart. Earthwatch connects people with the natural world and informs the actions that will have the greatest positive impact. They work together with scientists, businesses, and policy-makers to drive the change we need to live in balance with nature.


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