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The Gift Of Perfection

Business problem:

Stella Artois came to us with a pretty good problem to have…they had 1.7m fans on Facebook in the UK. Why was this a problem? The brand needed to find a way to engage with those 1.7m – to deliver them something interesting or useful to turn their fandom into sales.

What we did:

The Bakery ran an accelerator programme to find companies who might be able to solve this challenge. The Stella team from AB InBev met a range of startup companies in a series of face to face workshops, to hear their pitches for the solution.

Meeting companies in person meant that the team were also able to recognise solutions for other problems beyond their original brief, and for other brands in their portfolio, too.

The solution:

In addition to having 1.7m Facebook fans, Stella Artois also had a host of bar staff around the UK who had received expert training to serve the ‘Perfect Pour’ when customers asked for a pint of Stella. The Bakery saw an opportunity to help Stella’s Facebook fans experience this for themselves, thanks to a small Spanish tech company called InVibe. This gifting app allowed a Facebook fan to gift a perfectly poured pint of Stella Artois to be enjoyed by a friend. The company, with the help of The Bakery, managed to deliver the country’s  first Facebook gifting app to deliver a physical product.

The solution:

This became a viral success, with the largest round of drinks being 152 pints of Stella Artois, Facebook fans enjoying Stella both online and in the real world, and the bars benefitting from additional footfall. It was awarded “Campaign of the Week” in Campaign Magazine and picked up a huge amount of coverage. Cheers!


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