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How do we sell ice creams to people on impulse?

Business problem:

As well as being an enormous ice cream brand, Wall’s is also the world’s 50th biggest
fast food chain with over 500 Happiness Station kiosks and ice-cream parlours, mainly in southern Europe. In Spain and Italy, locals often go to the same beach every weekend, and sit on the same sun-loungers. But getting up from your sun lounger to stand in a queue at a kiosk for an ice cream can seem like a struggle…

Wall’s saw the opportunity to increase consumption if there were a way to deliver ice creams directly to customers’ sun loungers on the beach. 

What we did:

We ran a search of our network to uncover companies working with smart geo-location tech who could be potential partners.

Through face to face workshops, Wall’s chose to work with Impulse – a location-based commerce platform called Impulse.

The solution:

Impulse comprises a consumer app and a sophisticated POS app, which allows the area to be accurately mapped using GPS and iBeacon technology and the customer’s location to be accurately plotted on a map.

Through working with Impulse, Wall’s were able to link customers up to their Happiness Stations, which allow customers to create a bespoke versions of Wall’s ice-cream range. Then, from their sun lounger, the customer could remotely order their ice-cream that would be delivered to their exact location on the beach.


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