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Helping pet owners track their pet’s fitness

Business problem:

Pedigree Petfoods needed to establish a stronger more qualitative connection between their famous brand and the consumer. As a recognised authority in pet nutrition and health, and against a background of rising dog obesity, they wanted to find a solution to help owners ensure that their cherished animals stayed at the peak of fitness.

What we did:

The Bakery discovered and introduced IDX Labs, from Croatia, the creators of Teddy The Guardian, a soft toy with sensors to enable doctors to track children’s health whilst in hospital. We thought the same tech could be used to help Pedigree’s dog lovers.

The solution:

IDX met with Pedigree and proposed a working pet health tracker device, including an app, which could sense not only the resting and activity levels of a dog, but accurately estimate their food intake, as well as tracking their location.

Combined with Pedigree’s expertise and specialist knowledge of optimal nutrition and exercise regimes for the various breed types, Pedigree Tracks launched within just a few weeks, and now helps dog owners not only keep track of their pet, but ensure the most appropriate health and feeding regime for their particular pooch, helping to keep them both healthier and safer.

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The results:

The tracker app has been downloaded by over 80,000 dog lovers, and won the Mobile App category at the BrandRepublic Awards 2016.

Crucially for the Pedigree marketing team, there was also a 7.5% increase in sales in 2015 with no other new marketing, and sales of wet food increased for the first time in five years.

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