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Engaging a community of travellers

Business problem:

More than half of Eurostar’s customers travel regularly on their service between London and Paris. Eurostar wanted to be able to offer those customers something more than train travel – something that would help nurture the community of those who love both Paris and London and celebrate how easy it is to travel between the two cities.

What we did:

The Bakery worked with Eurostar to review this and further insights about their customers. The rise of the sharing economy, particularly amongst those who travel regularly, was identified; as was the insight that many Londoners live in Paris and miss specific products available only in London, and vice versa.

The solution:

Eurostar had identified a very specific insight about their customer to answer – so The Bakery recommended a bespoke build as the solution, using agile processes to go from kick-off to launch as quickly as possible. The Bakery created Boomerang, an app connecting those craving a product only available on the other side of the channel, to those travelling to London or Paris on the Eurostar. The app enables the requester to specify a product they’d love to be brought back to them, and a price they’d pay. Anyone in the city where the product is available can then offer to collect the product and bring it back, with secure payment ensured via PayPal.

The results:

Using an agile approach to development of the app, Boomerang was launched in time for the peak Christmas season. Eurostar have been able to test and learn by trialling the app with different groups of their customers, gathering info about their habits – and of course, which products are most requested!

(results under NDA).

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