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Saving days of consultants’ time


Business problem:

A hugely successful global consulting firm were concerned that their super-smart consultants waste valuable hours searching for information; easy access to huge, constantly changing data sets is making searching for accurate specialist knowledge increasingly like finding a needle in a very large, complicated haystack.

What we did:

The Bakery ran an accelerator programme to find tech startups with software that could help save consultants’ time, with the ultimate goal of rolling out a solution across the company. The programme was designed to find the right solution by introducing tech startups directly to the partners and consultants who had surfaced the problem in the first place, conducted via several high-energy ‘speed dating’ sessions with potential partners – to test the ‘chemistry’ and allow in-depth discussions.

Once an exciting potential solution had been discovered, The Bakery drew up a roadmap for the client to trial the technology for real – from the very smallest first step that would set them on a path to their biggest goal. The roadmap consisted of a series of month-long sprints, defined by clear objectives and KPIs – to minimise the risk of a trial for both the startup and the client and ensure both parties’ incentives were aligned.

The solution:

We identified a startup partner for our client that could help them solve a problem that affects the productivity of tens of thousands of their consultants daily.

The startup in question uses AI, natural language processing and beautiful, instinctive UX design to create bespoke monitoring tools for entreprises, to help them find the information they’re looking for more quickly, and stay up to date automatically when that information changes.

The management consultant’s use case was slightly different to the startup’s “off the shelf” product, but cracking this specific challenge represented a great opportunity for both companies. So, through an agile approach, the startup began working on a new version of their product, informed by extensive user testing, to serve this new challenge.

The results:

The startup has now successfully completed five consecutive sprint months of development, and has developed a new product that is ready for the first consulting team to trial on real projects. User testing suggests that, when rolled out, the solution will save days of man hours and provide more accurate search results. The client is currently planning how to roll the solution out to teams in further markets, and to its clients.

In the mean time, the client has discovered a new, more entrepreneurial way of working, that allows them to surface, solve and test new opportunities within their business and for their clients.

“Working with the Bakery has been a hugely refreshing and rewarding experience. This partnership has allowed us to marry our people’s expertise and desire to improve how we work with The Bakery’s entrepreneurial, high energy attitude of learning by doing” Director, consulting firm

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