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Educating customers about electric cars

Business problem:

BMW were launching their first ever electric vehicle, the spectacular BMW i3. The BMW i3 would break new ground, but BMW knew that their typical customer may never have imagined how an electric vehicle might fit into their lifestyle. BMW didn’t have call-centres, or sales staff capable of dealing with all of the potential queries that a high profile European launch would undoubtedly create.

What we did:

We ran an accelerator programme for BMW to ensure they would find a technology company that would be ready to go with a solution ready for the launch in 9 weeks’ time. We introduced BMW to a number of potential solutions, helping them choose the best solution for their use case.

The solution:

We introduced a company, who had designed a smart Artificial Intelligence solution that used Natural Language Processing to not only understand customers’ questions and deliver the correct answer, but also to interpret the tone of voice of the questioner including their technical ability, level of engagement and sense of humour.  The system leads the customer down the path to purchase by engaging them conversationally with wit and professionalism whilst also being available around-the-clock with an immediate response.

The results:

The BMW UK marketing team loved the solution: launched alongside the i3, within only 9 weeks and for under £50,000, the BMW iGenius system proved so successful that it is now on every piece of marketing collateral for the i3 range.  The system answers customers’ questions in1.2 seconds. At peak times, iGenius receives 250 messages a second.

“BMW iGenius is capable of understanding each question and responding accurately every time just as if you were talking to an expert from the company.”

Chris Brownridge, Marketing Director

BMW Group


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