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Pharmaceutical company

Simple communication of complex scientific data

To better communicate the complex science and data from breakthrough clinical trials a large pharmaceutical company was introduced to a range of data visualisation solutions.

Flourish, a powerful platform for data visualisation and storytelling, were able to quickly trial with a set of dummy data to demonstrate their capabilities and ease of use. Following the success of this trial they began working on data from a recent ground-breaking trial ahead of public announcement. 

Construction company

Connecting the right people at the right time

With 12+ permanent offices across the UK, and countless temporary construction sites, preventing siloed work and breakdowns in communication are key to driving efficiencies in the business.

The Bakery aimed to find technology to improve knowledge sharing by connecting the right people to the right task at the right time. The solution, ProFinda, utilised an AI platform that organises, connects and analyses a company’s workforce based on their skills, knowledge and behaviour.

This could potentially save the company up to £1.5m per year by decreasing duplicate work and increasing employee efficiency.

Professional Services Firm

Transforming M&A market sensing

Providing practitioners with meaningful insights around M&A opportunities can help them provide more value to clients as well as drive business decisions. Previously these types of insights were accessed in an ad hoc manner and came mainly
from personal networks rather than intelligent market screening.

The Bakery introduced, a machine intelligence platform that was specifically designed to enable the discovery of M&A opportunities. This tool has enabled the consistent delivery of valuable market insights to practitioners.

Pharmaceutical company

Enhancing the customer service experience

The customer is at the heart of any business so improving the experience for highly skilled healthcare professionals (HCP) was imperative for this large pharmaceutical company.

Enhancing and improving the efficiency of the customer service process was looked at from the perspective of increasing the capabilities of the customer service team.  

Using kare, AI for knowledge management and for process automation the expected savings reached £1.373m per year; achieved through a 48% customer service agent efficiency saving and automation of 20% of HCP request.

Confectionary company

A new ingredient for a global food manufacturer

With the rising cost of ingredients and manufacturing, chocolate manufacturers are looking for affordable “bulk fillers” to costs without changing product flavour & texture. This has been an ongoing search for many years and no suitable alternatives had previously been found.

We explored the challenge further by understanding what they had done in the past. Following engagement with The Bakery network in just 3 months we were able to find 6 companies that had potential to solve the challenge. Three of these ingredients moved on thorough testing and analysis, with 2 being incorporated into their R&D programme of new ingredients potentially saving millions of dollars.


Generating brand evangelism through word-of-mouth

We needed to create brand evangelism and word-of-mouth activism for campaigns using low cost, innovative technologies.

We identified different technologies that use micro-influencers to create word of mouth activism around products resulting in greater adoption.

Bulbshare successfully proved they could create brand evangelism and increase the use of eBay products through their techniques and tools, leading to ongoing engagement and customer fulfilment.

Professional Services Firm

Automation of the preparation and filing of corporate tax returns

A huge amount of time was being spent preparing data and applying tax logic as part of the corporate tax return process.

To help reduce the time the tax team spent cleaning and structuring client data we introduced an AI platform that creates bespoke AI models. This technology enabled 86% automation of the preparation of a corporate tax return with 99.6% accuracy. The team can now spend more time analysing tax judgements and refining tax computation.

Construction company

Real-time construction site project management for better tracking against scope

Keeping track of how a construction site is progressing against timelines and budget is often left to subjective review by busy workers, leading to human error and missed deadlines.

To help relieve this problem we introduced a machine vision technology that automated record keeping to better track against work scope and progress.

After a 4-week trial with there was less time spent reviewing site progress as well as an increase in the number of potential delays identified. Further use on similar sites has a potential saving of over £300,000 per year and wider applications could double this.

Dairy company

Reaching the emerging consumer with a global dairy company

Increasing and retaining market share in South East Asia with an emerging consumer base was a high priority challenge for our APAC-based client.

The Bakery identified two companies to take part in trialling their technology solutions that could help drive product sales amongst the bottom of the pyramid consumer.

We successfully proved that using a digital platform that bridges the gap between e-commerce and physical stores helped make the product more available and reached a previously unreached demographic.

Construction company

Hyperlocal understanding of local communities to better address neighbourhood issues

Within the construction industry work is increasingly awarded based on the total value delivered by local contractors. This trend demands a greater understanding of local concerns so that they can tailor their plans to address these issues.

In order to gather information on issues facing local communities we introduced two technologies: a rapid pulse-check survey tool and a public engagement chatbot.  

The two week trial of the rapid pulse check survey tool, Qriously, enabled the gathering of 3000 responses providing a 50% time saving compared to previous survey engagements and a potential saving of £150,000 per year.

Pharmaceutical company

Improving insights from unstructured customer interaction data

The ability to identify and extract meaningful insights from large amounts of unstructured data relating to customer interactions has huge potential impact in any large organisation.

The Bakery trialled a combination of machine learning and natural language processing techniques to see what would be most effective at saving employee time and identifying impactful insights.

It was found that Retechnica, a content intelligence specialist, used their proprietary machine learning algorithm and agile techniques to build taxonomies and save up to 20% of employee time

Construction company

Identifying obligations on 1000s of contracts

A huge amount of time was being spent by industry experts in reviewing contracts to identify onerous obligations. Their expertise was necessary to address the obligations however up to 90% of their time was being spent searching for the specific terms.

To help reduce the time required of experts we introduced the AI software Coseer, which uses natural language processing to make contracts searchable, so teams can identify and index onerous design obligations up to 25% faster than previously, saving up to £100,000 per year.

FMCG company

Seamless connection of instore and online shopping experiences

We helped find a simple and effective way to seamlessly transfer the potential frustration when faced with an out of stock product instore to immediate customer satisfaction by effortless mobile ordering of the missing product.

We successfully trialled powerful fulfilment tools, EnsygniaKrpt, and Mobileize to minimise fuss, clicks and data entry to have the product delivered to their home via eCommerce channels.

A combination of voice-led AI technology and slick on-the-go payment solutions has the potential to convert 1000s of potentially lost sales following roll-out in UK stores in early 2019.

Professional Services Firm

Automation of statutory accounting process

Manual checks dominated the statutory accounts process. The manual nature of these checks meant that the review process was incredibly time intensive and an inefficient use of human resource.

To address this problem, we introduced Retechnica, an AI technology that classifies and categorises financial statements before conducting audit checks.

After testing the accuracy of the technology with the internal audit team, it was forecasted that it would save practitioners 2500 hrs a month.

Construction company

Uncovering novel insights in HR data for improved workforce planning

A huge amount of data was being collected on the employee population, yet it was not being analysed or interrogated in a way to enable effective workforce planning.

To help identify new trends and insights from existing data sources we introduced illumr, a 3D model pattern recognition technology as well as Qlearsite, a predictive analytics HR platform.

After trialling the two technologies for three weeks new valuable insights were identified from employee data. The tools also enabled this analysis to be completed 25% faster than previously, saving at least £100,000 a year.

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