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The Bakery Bitesize #39

Innovation & Tech News

🚀  Social Media:  Facebook’s fake news problem is currently one of the most hotly debated issues in America. On the night of the US presidential elections, one of Facebook’s former product designers claimed that Facebook could have helped inaccurate news stories reach more voters, resulting in Donald Trumps’ victory. Hear Sarah Frier and Aki Ito from Bloomberg Technology speak to the former Facebook employee in their latest podcast. You can hear it here.

🚀 AI– Dashbot is the future of hands-free and eyes-free. This is the AI assistant your car is dreaming of. Dashbot is an open-source system that lets you do everything from sending text messages and finding songs to getting turn-by-turn directions. Integrated with Amazon Alexa you can pre-order Dashbot on Kickstarter, shipping will take place in July.

🚀 GovernmentThe UK Government has pledged to spend billions of pounds on technology and science, with particular focus on robotics and biotechnology. PM Theresa May is expected to announce a £2bn annual fund.

Brands & Innovation

🚀 Contactless Cash Machines- Barclays is trialling new contactless cash machines which will make withdrawing cash a lot quicker and easier for customers. Barclays will trial these new ATMs in December and roll them out across the country in January.

🚀 New Partnerships- As part of a new collaboration, during December, McDonalds will be handing out £10 Amazon Gift certificates through an augmented reality tray mat powered by Blippar.

🚀 Exclusive platforms– Adidas has created an invite-only community as part of the next phase of Adidas Football. Their football shoes will be sold through an exclusive platform called the Adidas Glitch App.

 Interesting Read

🚀  Sujan Patel explores how to work smarter, not harder, have a look at his top 6 tips on how to manage your time better.

🚀  Sam DeBrule has put together a brilliant guide on AI for all the non-techy people out there! An endless list of AI news sources and all the best experts to follow in this space. Make sure you take a look: “The Non-Technical Guide To Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.”

#Techforgood (Innovations positively changing the world)

🚀 Realtime Open Data on water supply in Nigeria

🚀  Internet of things set to change the face of dementia care

🚀  Poland unveils glowing bright blue bike lane that’s charged by the sun