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Sally Weavers of IPG Mediabrands’s Initiative agency on thinking laterally

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We have a relationship with The Bakery, a Shoreditch-based matchmaker for tech parters. You put a brief into The Bakery, and it gets pushed out to a load of developers who come back with ideas. We used it to find a few pieces of technology for internal use. One of them is a metaphorical search engine called Yossarian Lives [you type in a word, and it uses an algorithm to return results that are disparately or metaphorically related to the search].

It really helps to banish that blank sheet of paper syndrome. We get a brief through, and we know there’s interesting territory that we want to explore (the concept of “performance”, for example). We’ll then use Yossarian Lives to prompt new ideas around that territory.

It’s important because there’s a bit of your brain that almost dies the longer you work. It can be difficult to keep the focus on lateral or genuinely creative thought – it’s a muscle that needs regular exercise, and Yossarian Lives helps.