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The world is changing at an ever increasing rate

At The Bakery, we’ve built a complete roadmap, a set of mantras that help you not only navigate this new world, but capitalise on the opportunities it creates.

A world of opportunity

The world has changed. We live in a world of entrepreneurs, unbelievably there are now more than 100 million new start-ups* launched globally each year.

*Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2018

It is no longer just the mavericks and outliers who start businesses – it has become one of the top career choices for many of the most talented and ambitious people. Entrepreneurs are not all young, many successful start-ups are run by experienced business people; maybe you or others in your company are considering it right now!

How is it changing?

Two key factors have driven this change:

  1. Starting a company has never been as easy or cheap. Access to capital, computing power and workspace has become commoditised, enabling entrepreneurs to achieve much more, with far less, incredibly fast.
  2. The world of work is different – people have to embrace change and accept that they will have multiple careers through their lifetime.

Added to this, digitisation and new technologies mean that people expect more and better service from every company and product they deal with, from every interaction they have at home and at work, and everywhere in-between. These factors create a pace of change that has never been so fast, and open up huge opportunities through a constant cycle of invention and innovation.

The only constant now
is change

So – how do you keep up? How do you adapt and understand this new world?

We can help you not only understand this entrepreneurial world, but embrace it, harness its power and unlock an incredible new world of transformational opportunities for you and your business.

A guide to innovate
the future

Over the last few years we’ve built a complete roadmap, a set of mantras that enable us to help corporates identify their biggest, hardest goals for innovation across different time horizons.

Much more than a network
We’ve built a complete and proven set of methodologies to identify the right stakeholders, highlight where any roadblocks may be, and clarify the innovation opportunity before engaging with the universe of entrepreneurs, start-ups, accelerators, investors and scaling companies that can rapidly solve the corporate challenge.

We have worked out how corporates and start-ups should best engage, the benefits to both, and how to find, test, implement and scale the most appropriate solutions depending on the particular type of challenge.

Measure everything
We believe it’s really important for corporate innovation to deliver real returns. Not everything works of course, sometimes we win, sometimes we learn, but overall we’re proud that we can clearly show a return of profit for our customers and partners.

We do this in a way that is fast, fun, effective and unique. We’re not a consultancy, we are specialists in how entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporates can work together to innovate the future.

Our Mantras

The key to successful innovation is not a current technology trend nor jumping to a subjective solution. It's vitally important to understand the broad nature of the challenge and only then identify multiple potential solutions.

For lots of organisations, only big initiatives in big markets are interesting to them. But the only way to create new products and services in growing and developing markets is to start small.

No matter how big your organisation is, you can never hire all the most talented people in the world. Open Innovation allows you to access the best talent and ideas, and work with these people.

Because no one can really see the future, betting big on one potential winner is high risk. It's much better to spread your bets, find what works, and double down on proven results.

Incentives aren't just about money - it can be about other valuable but often inaccessible resources including data, expert knowledge, customers, revenue, and investment. By understanding what success looks like for both the Corporate and Startup, we ensure that their incentives are aligned to create a win-win for both parties.

No matter what your challenges, there are so many startups in the world and it is inevitable that someone will have already started working on a solution to your problem. Imagine finding pre-existing or part-built solutions that could be tested, iterated and scaled against your problem right now.

Big used to always beat small. The barriers that big companies created - large manufacturing plants, big marketing budgets, huge IT systems, massive distribution - created enormous defensive moats against their competition. Software has changed the world, enabling small, agile businesses to do more with less, and these defensive moats have now become the biggest barriers to companies adapting. In the new world, fast can beat slow.

Entrepreneurs move fast, exploring new markets and new technologies, questioning the status quo to test multiple solutions to prove hypotheses, before scaling things that work and killing those that don’t. They apply innovation from other industries and cultures, putting a twist on what already exists so it can solve challenges in new environments.

Software is rapidly changing the world around us, transforming how we work, sell, consume media, travel, shop and socialise. We are in the middle of a dramatic and broad technological and economic shift in which software and software companies are poised to take over large areas of the economy.

As Warren Buffet says - "if you can work on one thing work on incentives" and, by partnering with or investing in early stage startups and entrepreneurs you can ensure that you are working with people who are heavily incentivised and jointly vested with you in the genuine success of their solution.

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