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8 Start-ups To Watch In 2018

The Bakery

At The Bakery we run challenge led accelerator programmes to connect start-ups to real revenue opportunities with our corporate clients. This means we get to work with a lot of amazing start-ups before other people have heard of them: think Babylon Health, TouchCast and Digital Genius before they were big.

We’ve picked 8 from our network that we think are going places in 2018, from robotics, to data and health, check out our ones to watch below.

1. Qriously

Qriously is a research platform that accesses the mindset of billions of people globally by conducting short surveys in mobile apps. That’s real time instant research where you see responses come back live. They’ve wowed a number of global insights departments last year and we’re sure this is set to continue.

2. Cambrian Intelligence

Cambrian Intelligence turn state of the art machine intelligence algorithms into cutting edge technology products. We’ve seen them develop bespoke robotics for a global FMCG client to help them test products on a large scale who knows what they’ll create in the next twelve months.

Ever wanted to see into the future? This AI-powered research assistant, can’t tell you exactly where you’ll be in 10 years time but it can help you spot future opportunities to avoid disruption.

Klydo uses powerful artificial intelligence to scout the web and find interesting news and ideas for you to connect. It automatically generates innovation landscapes that reveal where to play and how to win so they probably already know how 2018s going to pan out.

4. Flourish

Co-founded by a data journalist and a mathematician and developer. The pair started working on visualisations as a side project in 2012. Now Flourish will quickly turn your spreadsheets into online charts, maps and interactive stories. Take a demo and be as amazed as some of our clients.

5. Karate Health

US based Karate health is one of the most exciting health tech start-ups. Their app enables its users to share their insights and discuss chronic illnesses as well as tackling the $300B medication adherence problem by rewarding users for taking their medication, engaging in health education, and building supportive communities. They’ve just over 6,000 subscribers right now but get ready for that number to skyrocket.

6. Disperse.io

Disperse io is bringing better, faster, smarter to the construction industry. Whether you are looking for help on recording, monitoring, tracking or inspecting your construction progress, their visual recognition technology captures and analyses what is happening on-site. Giving teams a high tech way to improve productivity, watch this space!

7. White Raven

White Raven develops visual search engines for places. You can use any connected device with a camera to search areas and identify places. This can be used to look something up like a traditional search engine or to create augmented reality experiences all over the world. The accuracy of the tech is already incredible so we’re excited to see where they go next.

8. Data Shaka

DataShaka, as the name suggests, is a data tech start-up based in London. They provide Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) to clients all over the world. Creating bespoke systems to make sure people are getting the information they really need from the data they have. With impressive reporting and analytics they’ve got the insight to take things to the next level this year.

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